When you land a deal with Walmart, Amazon and other big names, you need to be part of their supply chain management system.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Application Programming Interface (API) allow suppliers, vendors and customers to easily exchange electronic documents such as purchase orders, shipping notices and invoices.

In our experience:

EDI boosts speed by as much as 60%, taking minutes instead of days or weeks.

EDI slashes errors associated with manual data input by at least a 30% to 40%.

EDI cuts the time from order to payment by more than 20%.

How it works

EDI replaces the manual exchange of B2B documents. With EDI, documents flow directly from your customer (Trading Partner) to you within minutes. Everything is exchanged in real-time without faxing, mailing, e-mailing or manual entry.

1 The buyer’s procurement system uses EDI to auto-generate and send an EDI-formatted PO when inventory reaches a specified level.
2 In minutes, your system receives the PO through upSpring.io.
3 Your system automatically notifies the shipping department to send goods.
4 Once the goods are packed and ready to ship, your system generates an Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) and upSpring.io sends it to your Trading Partner in the EDI-compliant format.
5 Your system automatically generates an EDI-compliant invoice and upSpring.io sends it to your Trading Partner.

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Benefits for your business.


A Trading Partner is another company that you exchange documents (orders, invoices, shipping notices, etc.) with. Trading Partners might include your customers, vendors, third-party logistics and bank.

YES, we support ANY type of integration you or your Trading Partners require.

YES, regardless of the size or industry of your Trading Partner, upSping.io will enable the EDI connection for you.

Absolutely. To be fully automated, your data must reach its destination and that is your backend application. Popular ones include NetSuite, SAP Business One, Microsoft Business Central and QuickBooks, but we will integrate anything with anything!

No, our listed prices are all-inclusive fees for your EDI connections. Chose the right package for your company and that is your monthly fee.

Yes, our support is 24 x 7 x 365!

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